How it works

Default Pin is 0000

1. Compatible Phones

All iPhones newer than iPhone X

iPhone XS
iPhone 11
iPhone 12
iPhone 13
iPhone 14
iPhone 15

All Androids with NFC toggle on button

Make sure NFC button is toggled ON

2. Where to Tap?

For iPhones

Locate the wave sign (next to your QR code) on the back of your card and tap it as shown below

For Androids

Tap card to the middle of the phone
Be sure "NFC" is toggled "ON"

3. Editing Your Profile

All cards come with pin - 0000
Scroll down and locate "Edit my profile" Button

Linking Social Media


Enter your Instagram username without @. Ex - if your username is @john_doe, you should enter john_doe. All in lowercase.

Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube

To locate your username, open your app, and click on your profile. You should see your username under your profile name. Ex- @johndoe. Enter your username without @. Use all lowercase letters.

Linkedin (URL)

To find your Linkedin URL, open Linkedin app, and click your profile. Click the three-dotted icon next to "Add section". Click on "Share Via..." Copy this link and paste it into the Linkedin URL input slot.

Facebook (URL)

To find your Facebook URL, open Facebook app, and click on "view your profile". Click the three-dotted icon or a button called "More". Click on "Copy link to profile" Copy this link and paste it into the Facebook URL input slot.

What if I don't want to show my social media account(s)?

Simply leave it blank.

4. Share Your Profile

Ways to Share your profile

1) Tap your card

2) Text your profile link (You can find this link on your profile page, under "share my profile"

3) Share your QR code (You can find your QR code on your profile page, under "share my profile"

5. Tips & Hacks

Add your Lynkme profile page to your home screen.


Download Your QR code

Saving your QR code

1) Open your profile page
2) Click "Share my profile"
3) Click "My QR code"
4) Click "Save QR Code"
5) Press on QR code to save -or- share ->Save Image

How do I make a lockscreen with my QR code?

Use our free template on Canva. Click Here

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