Meet the founder

Hey! My name is Woo, I'm the founder of LynkMe Smart Cards. I'm an entrepreneur, an engineer, and a dad to four furry, majestic beasts (kitties).  I've shared the story of my entrepreneurial journey below, hoping to inspire those who are dreaming of starting their own business. I'll keep updating my progress in the following pages, so feel free to check back anytime you're looking for a little motivation or just curious about how things are going.

During senior year at CSUF, got an idea of a smart card that'd make it easy for people to exchange contacts. I spent the next year developing my idea.
Founded LynkMe Cards in April. Had no idea how to get customers so I started knocking on doors. Got my first 50 customers from door knocking. Met really cool people that introduced me to their network. Went all-in to serve real estate professionals.  
Started focusing on providing value to real estate brokerages. As of Feb 2024, My Cards are now in the hands of agents all over the country. Alaska, Florida, Illinois, California, Texas, Arizona, Indiana, North & South Carolina, etc..... With zero paid advertising. Became a featured speaker at various associations and boards of REALTORS®.