The Only Digital Business Card Designed and Hand-Assembled by an Electronics Engineer to Help You Enhance Your Real Estate Business 

Smart Cards for Smarter Agents.

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Instant Impressions, Lasting Connections

1. Tap your LynkMe card.
2. Share your LynkMe profile.
3. Exchange contacts and sync details to your CRM.

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How Your LynkMe Card Is Made


Step 1: Custom Branded Design

Every LynkMe card is meticulously crafted on a made-to-order basis, incorporating your brand identity, name, and unique LynkMe QR code. This customization is done by our in-house expert PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designers, ensuring a high level of precision and professionalism in each card produced.


Step 2: Inspection

After printing your Lynkme card, it undergoes a detailed inspection to ensure top quality and to detect any discrepancies. Following successful inspection, it advances to the hand-assembly stage, upholding our commitment to excellence.


Step3: Hand-Assembly

Each LynkMe card is hand-assembled for unmatched quality, with components soldered for durability and longevity. We incorporate the latest, fastest NFC energy-harvesting chip, ensuring superior performance and reliability.


Step 4: Programming

Once assembled, each card is programmed to link to your unique, editable digital profile page. Our innovative, patent-pending design allows LynkMe cards to illuminate upon a successful tap, enhancing user interaction!


Step5: Elevate Your Brand

Use our card to impress clients and form lasting connections.

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Environmental Impact Meets Innovation

Every smart card is designed with sustainability in mind. Durable, reusable, and eco-friendly, you’ll not only reduce waste but also align your brand with modern, environmentally conscious values. It’s not just a card; it’s a statement that you care about the future – both your clients' and the planet’s.

Customer Reviews

REAL Reviews From REAL-tors

“Amazing digital cards. You tap and give your clients your information and get theirs back into your phone. If you're in real estate, you can even use this card to get reviews on Zillow or Google. I continue to order them almost every week for my new agents.”

Dan Smith

Captain of Culture at Anvil Real Estate

"I had a chance to connect with a client at an open house. He was so impressed at how I was able to share my video introduction with him from my LynkMe Card. As a realtor that's video-marketing forward, this card gives me an opportunity to connect and impress prospective clients. "

John Reyes

Realtor | LO  
Higher Realty

“I love how it connects to all my social media and includes my personal introduction video.  In addition, I love that when a person shares their contact information back to me, it automatically loads their information in my CRM!!!”

Nicole Jones

HomeSmart EverGreen Realty

“I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate the seamless integration between my LynkMe card and my CRM. As a real estate agent, staying organized and responsive is paramount, and this card has truly transformed the way l connect with clients.”

Rebeca Pop

Keller Williams Newport Estates

“We are a company that's looking forward in a world where things are changing constantly. This card gives me an opportunity to interact digitally with strangers and show clients that we're tech-forward.”

Matt Luke

Broker | Owner
Major League Properties

Meet the Founder

Our mission is to empower real estate agents to build their brand and meet the expectations of modern clients. With the average age of real estate agents in the US being 55, many are left behind in leveraging technology to grow their business. We are here to bridge that gap and ensure every agent can thrive in the digital age.

Woo Kim

Former Electronics Engineer | Dynamic Speaker
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